#Lidar System | Applications

#Visimind | Airborne mapping of power lines | Vegetation management | Powered by Velodyne Lidars Puck, Ultra Puck and Alpha Prime lidar sensors | PLCT tool for real time control of vegetation infringement | Detecting the power line in real time and accurately measuring the distance to vegetation | ECutter real time control of the corridor width during pruning of vegetation under power lines | Enabling the operator to work more efficiently and precisely | Roof mounted Ultra Puck to detect the power line and the cutting head of the machine | For mapping mDAM system, which incorporates a Velodyne lidar sensor, INS and one or more cameras | mDAM used both Velodyne Ultra Puck and alpha Prime sensors | It can be mounted on a drone, car, helicopter or similar vehicle to create detailed surface maps of accessible and less-accessible terrain

#Knightscope | Security robots that deter, detect, and report autonomously | Running fully autonomously 24/7/365 both outdoors and indoors | Velodyne Lidar helps Knightscope security robots to function in both daytime and nighttime conditions | Velodyne lidar sensors are effective in different lighting conditions | Reducing crime by combining the physical presence of the Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs) with real time onsite data collection and analysis | Data generated is accessible through the Knightscope Security Operations Center, browser based interface | Enhancing the feeling of safety among personnel while walking to their cars after dark | Assisting in stopping fires and fraud | Preventing retail thefts

#Routescene | UAV lidar system | Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant radiation survey | UK National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR) | Fixed wing drones to survey large areas in a short amount of time to identify radiation hot spots | Routescene lightweight LidarPod, outfitted with Velodyne lidar sensor flown on DJI M600 hexacopter drone to survey smaller areas in greater detail | Lidar point cloud data collected was processed using Routescene LidarViewer Pro software to generate a detailed Digital Terrain Model (DTM) | Model was overlaid with the results from a gamma spectrometer survey | Algorithm converts the aerial radiation intensity recorded by a UAV survey into a ground intensity map | Researchers detected one unexpected hotspot | If there was to be a nuclear incident in the future, there are now the robots and methodologies needed to provide spatially detailed maps of radiation spread without needing to send in human responders | University of Bristol

#NOAA | Scientists using lidar to produce more accurate shoreline maps, make digital elevation models for use in geographic information systems, to assist in emergency response operations

#National Ecological Observatory Network | Airborne Observation Platform (NEON AOP) | Remote sensing used to map structure including vegetation height, density and other characteristics across a region

#FARO | GeoSLAM | Handheld mapping

#Motional | Robotaxis | Ouster as the exclusive provider of long-range lidar sensors for its all-electric IONIQ 5-based robotaxis | Real-time 3D data up to 0.1-degree vertical and horizontal resolution with up to 300-meter range and 360° surround view | Over 30 sensors carefully integrated into the IONIQ 5 robotaxi design | IONIQ 5 robotaxis deployed for Motional’s commercial operations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and its testing operations in Boston, Pittsburgh, and Singapore

#LASE | Gantry crane outfitted with Ouster digital lidar sensors as part of the LASE solution to automate the handling of containers | Ouster OS1 sensors for precise position measurement and object detection to enable safer autonomous or semi-automated handling of containers | Collision avoidance | Optimal positioning and safe lifting of cargo on trucks | Ouster sensor for zone monitorin | Smart port market ~$2 billion | To reach approximately $11 billion by 2030 | Over 800 container terminals around the world | Existing installations can be upgraded with 3D lidar

#Carbon Robotics | Autonomous LaserWeeder Robot | Deep Learning | Laser | Lidar Sensor | Nvidia | Cumming

#JAKA Robotics | Collaborative Robots for Inspection and Testing | Applications

#Vaisala | Industrial and Wheather Measurement | Lidar

#ArcticHubs | Unmanned Forestry Machine (UFM) | Lulea University of Technology | Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | 3D stereo cameras | Regular RGB cameras | Lidar sensors | GNSS sensor

#Edge AI Vision | Lidar edge applications

#CHCNAV | Fully-Integrated Drone LIDAR+RGB Mapping System | Accurate 3D data collection | Capturing 3D reality in streamlined workflow | Simultaneous acquisition of point cloud data and high-resolution imagery | Capturing precise ground surfaces | Highly accurate Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) | Digital Surface Models (DSMs)

#Outsight | Transforming Raw 3D data from different manufacturers into actionable information | Software solutions to enable anonymous monitoring of people and vehicle flows in a variety of contexts such as airports and railway stations, shopping centres and sports facilities | Intelligent Transportation Systems benefiting from 3D LiDAR perception | Obtaining operational information: wsiting time in queue, safe distance detection | Autonomous car | Lidar | Object distance, size and volume calculation

#VanJee Technology | Intelligent Transport System

#RoboSense | Autonomous Driving

#LeddarTech | Environmental sensing solutions for autonomous vehicles and ADAS

#Kanavi Mobility | Autonomous driving

#Innovusion | Autonomous driving and mapping

#Innoviz | Autonomous driving

#Continental AG | Driver assistance systems (ADAS) | Autonomous driving

#Cepton | Autonomous vehicles | Smart cities | Industrial automation

#Bosch | Autonomous driving

#Aeye | Detecting and classifyimg objects

#CHCNAV | CoPre LiDAR Processing Software

#Outrider | Autonomous Yard Operations

#Third Wave | Automated material handling

#Bluewhite | Autonomous solutions for agricultural tractors | Ouster

#Dunakontroll | Lidar-powered volumetric measurement solution | Accurate measurement of water weight in recycled paper pulp | Ouster OS0s scan incoming trucks at short range

#Deep Forestry | Autonomous survey drone

#Microavia | Monitoring and managing snow distribution at ski resorts with drone | Ouster lidar

#Digital Mortar | Ouster sensors provide data and insights regarding user journeys and shopper analytics